A domestic violence bail bond is written in cases where a domestic dispute has occurred. In some cases, a protective order may be requested as part of the arrangement. If a protective order is in place, the defendant must comply with it as well as the rest of the court’s demands to avoid forfeiting bail. A domestic violence case often times involves physical injuries. When this occurs, other charges are normally added to the list. To be bonded out, the defendant must be able to produce enough money to be bailed out on one or more of the charges. Judges will often require defendants who have been charged with domestic violence to enter anger management classes. Just like with drug-related offenses, the classes may have to be in progress before they are scheduled to appear in court. If they are not attending them as ordered, the judge can choose to revoke their bail for non-compliance.


Felony bail bonds are often times much more expensive than normal bail bonds because the nature of the crime is more severe. A felony bond may be up to one million dollars if the crime was severe enough. A defendant who is accused of physically harming or killing another person may not even be allowed to bond out. If they are granted that privilege, the bond may be so expensive they have no way of covering it, even with the services of a Zig-Zag Bail Bonds agent. Felony charges often involve car theft, drug-related offenses, assault and battery, home invasion, white collar crimes, murder and other types of violent crimes that result in bodily injury. A lengthy criminal history can cause a person’s bail to be increased, especially where felonies are concerned. The more severe the charges, the higher the risk of flight. Judges will consider each of these elements when setting a person’s bail. Contact Zig-Zag Bail Bonds San Rafael for free answers to your Felony Bail Bond questions.


DUI bail bonds are needed when a person is arrested on alcohol-related charges. The restrictions on a DUI bail bond may be different than a regular bond. For example, the defendant may not be allowed to drive after they have been released. A defendant who has been arrested on a DUI charge may also be required to take drug and alcohol classes as part of their obligations to the court. It will be up to the court whether or not to release the bail bond funds before a defendant has completed the classes. Some may choose to retain the funds until the classes have been completed. The more DUI charges a person has, the higher their bond will be. If a person continues to get arrested on DUI charges, the judge may refuse to set bond and charge them as a habitual offender. This can result in them losing their license permanently.


Misdemeanor bail bonds are normally much cheaper than other bail bonds because the crimes associated with them are less severe. Bail bond amounts for misdemeanor charges are often found on a bail bond schedule that has been drawn up by local judges. This allows the bail to be set according to certain crimes under certain conditions. It also allows the defendant to post bail without attending an arraignment hearing. A person who is continually being charged with misdemeanor offenses may eventually be charged as a felon, increasing their bail amount and making it harder to get released. Misdemeanor charges include petty theft, minor drug-related charges, vandalism and certain traffic offenses. Many misdemeanor charges do not require jail time or bail bonds, but when combined with other charges can result in an arrest and possible jail time. Judges may also reduce a felony offense down to a misdemeanor if it is a person’s first offense. Call Zig-Zag Bail Bonds for free answers to your Misdemeanor Bail Bonds questions.


Warrant bail bonds are written and posted without the defendant ever spending any time in jail. If you or a loved one discovers that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, call Zig-Zag Bail Bonds immediately. They will go with you to the jail and post your bond immediately. Once it has been posted, you will be taken into custody, booked and processed and then released back to the bail bonds agent. Many times, charges may be filed after an investigation. If this is the case, the judge will sign an arrest warrant. The police may begin an actual search or they may wait until they know where the person will be at a specific time. When you find out that you have an active warrant, the best way to resolve the situation is to turn yourself in. Hiring a bail bonds agent to go to the police station with you allows them to post your bond while you are being processed. As soon as booking and intake process is completed, you will be released and expected to honor the bail bond agreement.


An individual who has been arrested on a drug-related charge will be required to obtain a drug-related bail bond. This may involve random drug testing while the defendant is out on bail. If they fail a drug test, their bail bond can be revoked. Drug-related charges are serious business. Depending on the type of drug in question and what exactly was transpiring (an active drug sale or transfer), the judge may demand weekly drug tests to ensure the rules of the bail bonds contract as well as their own, are not being violated. Drug-related charges can be misdemeanors or felonies. Normally the amount of drug found during the arrest will determine whether felony charges will be pressed. The more convictions a person has and the type of charges they receive will have a direct impact on the amount of their bail bond.


Traffic bail bonds are often associated with offenses that involve driving offenses such as reckless driving, high-speed chases, and road rage. Citations are written and given as a ticket with the court date on the back. This is given in place of an arrest and no bail money is required. While most traffic violations are harmless, one violation can sometimes lead to another. By the end of the evening, you may have more than one pending charge, especially if you are dealing with a DUI. If traffic-related offenses are severe enough, the judge may order the defendant to relinquish their driver’s license. If they are caught driving on a suspended license, their bail bond may be revoked and they may be forced to return to jail until their scheduled court hearing. Repeated traffic offenses that involve bail bonds may end up causing the person to eventually lose their license permanently.


At Zig-Zag Bail Bonds, we can write bail bonds of any size and type. Once we get the process started we can obtain the release of the defendant from the Marin County Jail. If you discover that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, contact Zig-Zag Bail Bonds immediately. We may be able to post bail before you turn yourself in. By doing this, you will only have to go through the intake process. You will not be required to spend any time in jail.

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No matter where we have to go, we offer a “free bond delivery” policy. Our bonds are delivered free of charge. There are no hidden fees and we will completely explain any charges you see the bail bond agreement. Visit our office at 48 N. San Pedro #202, San Rafael, CA 94903. If you can’t make it there, we will come to you. You can also pay for our services with a credit or debit card if you can provide a few pieces of basic information. After you have been approved, we will guarantee that your bond will be posted in as little as 20 minutes time.

Rest assured that any information you give us will be kept strictly confidential. Your information is sensitive and will be kept private at all cost. We do not provide third parties with information about our clients. What is said in our meetings will remain in our meetings. We understand how important your privacy is to you and we will do everything in our power to make sure your personal information goes no further than our office.


After a person has been arrested, they will be booked, photographed and interviewed at the local jail. Their fingerprints will be taken and scanned into a LiveScan computer. If their alleged offense is listed on the local bond schedule, bail will be assigned and they will be given the opportunity to make arrangements to post bail and get out of jail early. The nature of a person’s crime, their past criminal history, and flight risk will be assessed to determine the amount of bail.

Bail is often set extremely high to make a defendant think twice before fleeing the area. In some cases, a high bail amount may require a full payment upfront. This can make posting bail difficult for some. Hiring a bail bonds agent may be their only option if they can find a co-signer who agrees to be responsible for the financial obligation associated with the bond. In some cases, the co-signer may have to secure the bail bond with some sort of valuable property. In California, the state-mandated fee for a bail bond is 10% of the total amount of the bail bond.

At Zig-Zag Bail Bonds, our agent will need some important information when you call us about a bail bond. We need to know the inmate’s name, address, employment status, past criminal history and any other information you feel would be helpful. We will also need to know valid phone numbers for both the defendant and the co-signer so we can stay in contact with one another.


All of our agents at Zig-Zag Bail Bonds are able to access the inmate information databases in Marin County and San Rafael. Having this information allows us to file paperwork quickly and efficiently using a partially automated system. We know whom to contact to make the process go as fast as possible. If you have access to a fax machine, we can expedite the process. Since only bail bonds professionals are allowed in most jails, you will not be able to accompany us inside.

As part of the agreement, when we post a bail for a defendant, we promise the court they will appear for their hearings. If they do not, the bond may be forfeited and we will lose our money. Part of the responsibility of the co-signer is the obligation to cover the total cost of the bond if the defendant chooses to flee. To have bail posted, they are only required to cover the first 15% of the bail bond amount. We do not include any hidden fees or charges. When the application is filled out, you will be informed of the cost of the premium and how it was figured. We will make sure you understand all of the financial aspects of the bail bonds agreement before you sign any paperwork.