Sometimes, California is too much fun, and you get thrown in jail. When that happens, whether you are in San Rafael, Richmond, San Francisco, Larkspur, Vallejo or anywhere else in the Marin County area, Zig-Zag Bail Bonds will work professionally and confidentially to post your bond and bail you out of jail. When you are in jail and need bail, let us help. Hear what some of our clients have to say about Zig-Zag Bail Bonds:

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S.S. – San Francisco, CA

12/26/2015     Nobody ever looks forward to getting a bail bond but if you need one Zig-Zag is the place to go. Not only are they compassionate but they truly want to help. It isn’t all about the money & I think that is truly noble. Especially in the bail bonds business. They realize not everyone is just a criminal, sometimes people make mistakes. Their patience & desire to help is very evident.

J.F. – San Rafael, CA

12/06/2015     It is one of those calls you never want get, someone you love has been locked-up and you are the one they are depending on to get them out. That is what happened to me here in San Rafael and that call led me to find Zig-Zag Bail Bonds.
Here’s the thing, I honestly do not know what I would have done without them… From the first call I made into the office, they answered the phone and were immediately on the case and on my team. Let me stress that last part, ‘on my team’ because for two days the staff at Zig-Zag worked with/for me and that was with no money exchanging hands, no deposit, no guarantee that they had my business, they just jumped in and handled it like we were family.
When I finally was able to get the money together for the bond, they literally, and I mean literally ran the bond to bail out my little jailbird. You know how people love to say “yeah I got a guy”, well, the people at Zig-Zag Bail Bonds are my “guys”, the people you want to know if/when the water coming downturns brown.

L.G. – Larkspur, CA

11/22/2015     My brother was booked to city jail at 8 pm Friday night. I immediately started calling around for a bail bondsman and was getting a runaround and not a straight answer from a few different companies here on YELP. I called Zig-Zag Bail Bonds and explained my situation. They were very professional and took time to explain the entire process to me. My brother was out of city jail Saturday morning at 11 AM! Thank you and we as a family appreciate all of your help.

Alex C. – Vallejo, CA

9/14/2015    I would trust this company with my life. If you need a bondsman in Marin County; call Zig-Zag. Trust me, they will go above and beyond for you and your loved ones.

Wallace K. – San Rafael, CA

10/5/2015     Very efficient, knowledgeable and will help you in more ways then you’d expect. Zig-Zag Bail Bonds goes above and beyond trying to assist you, from researching phone numbers to personal assistance by taking you to your vehicle ( if business warrants) not to mention stopping at McDonald’s for a bite to eat before the tow company opens. Zig-Zag Bail Bonds is truly the “BEST IN THE WEST!”

J.L. – Albany, CA

8/31/2015     Zig-Zag bail bonds are the people you want if you ever need a bail bondsman. From the beginning of the phone call to the end, the staff went above and beyond. Thank You Zig-Zag bail bonds.

Ryan B. – San Francisco, CA

9/9/2015     I used Zig-Zag Bail to bail my husband out, it was an unfortunate situation ..and Zig-Zag Bail was with me all the way through. Excellent customer service, and the best rates…I called around. They are great people. Everyone else I called was really shady, I felt like they were trying to take advantage of me. Talking to me like I was stupid. Use Zig-Zag…I did the research.

Justin B. – Richmond, CA

5/9/2012     I haven’t had to bail too many people out of jail in my life. Maybe 2 or 3 which already seems like a lot in 1 lifetime. When I recently needed to bail someone out of jail, I did as most would and Googled Bail Bonds, there are no shortages of bail bonds or their ads. So I decided to look on Yelp and read the latest review which was a 5-star review. The staff at Zig-Zag were a pleasure to deal with and made the entire process as easy as ordering a Pizza. I also suspect that by dealing with Zig-Zag, the person that I was bailing out, got out quicker? Can’t be sure thou.

Laura U. – Larkspur, CA

0/1/2015     Zig-Zag is awesome! Great customer service. It is not every day you need their service and when you do for yourself or a family/friend you head is not all there. They walk you through what needs to be done. Very much loved these guys! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!

Christian R. – San Rafael, CA

9/26/2013      I was in San Rafael a few months back and had to bail one of my friends out. I called different bail bondsman and they were not able to help me because I was out of state but referred me to Zig-Zag. The people at Zig-Zag made the whole process as enjoyable as possible. If you need to bail someone out this is your spot.

Kate M. – Vallejo, CA

1/29/2012     I’ve never had to bail anyone out before, so I had to do some research when my friend texted me that she got a DUI.  I called this bonds place since they popped up with two good ratings on Yelp. They were very friendly and explained the process to me.  I just had to give my friend’s last name to look up in the system. I gave my card number over the phone to process the bond, and they called me back with updates and frequently checked on the status. I had no idea what to expect when calling, but I’m really glad I had such a friendly representative to answer all my questions and explain everything (without judgment). This will definitely be my go-to if I ever need to bail anyone out!

Ian B. – Larkspur, CA

10/2/2010     When I needed to be bailed out of jail, these guys were there!!!   No matter what the charge is!!!

Sidney V. – San Rafael, CA

8/14/10    Totally professional, immediately responsive and a pleasure to deal with. They are respectful of the clients and respected by the courts and law enforcement. What more could anyone ask!

Christina B. – San Francisco, CA

05/01/10     I have practiced criminal law for 39 years. There is no one that provides better service and has as much knowledge and empathy as Zig-Zag Bail Bonds.

Joe  H. – San Rafael, CA

01/21/10     Zig-Zag Bail Bonds is absolutely the elite of the bail bond business. They have provided first class service to my firm and our clients for years, from bailing someone out now on a $1 million bond, to getting a celebrity home through a paparazzi gauntlet, to instant and reliable information, day or night. They are simply the best!

Mike A. – Vallejo, CA

01/27/10     Zig-Zag Bail Bonds was excellent. My best friend Josh got picked up for a bench warrant and he was the best man at my wedding. Without him, I could not do the wedding so I contacted Zig-Zag and they expedited his release and did it quickly and just in time for the ceremony. Thanks, Zig-Zag!